Underwater fitness training

Water fitness appeals to many types of exercisers: seniors, people with joint problems, obese people and those who simply love moving in water. The aquatic environment provides both buoyancy and resistance. Aqua aerobics training method are typically taught at three depths: waist deep, a depth between chest and shoulder height and deep enough so you can’t touch the bottom. Stick to the shallower depths unless you’re an accomplished swimmer. Both shallow and deep-water exercise training methodes offer many of the same benefits as land-based exercise, including toning muscle, improving posture and balance, increasing flexibility and burning calories.

Did you know that a 30-minute walk in the water is equivalent to a two-hour walk on land? Water resistance offers an excellent opportunity for muscle toning and body sculpting. Water also cools the body during exercise, which reduces stress on the heart and reduces the risk of injury by lessening the impact on weight-bearing joints, muscles, and bones.












Total Aqua Fitness

Get a great start to your day with this high intensity training method that is perfect for cross-training, and all fitness levels!

Cardio Sculpt

Tone and sculpt your body with no impact to your joints. This popular water aerobics workout is a blend of cardio and resistance training, and may incorporate resistance tools such as water weights and noodles.

Water Cardio Fitness

A lighter version of our Water Cardio Fitness training method with low impact on joints. This training method designed to challenge youself with emphasis on longer stretches and improving cardiovascular fitness.


Low impact training method designed to improve joint flexibility and to decrease pain.

Aqua Lively

These training method are designed to increase flexibility and muscle strength, as well as improve coordination, balance, and endurance.

Aquatic Blast

Aquatic Blast is a high intensity workout that moves at a rapid pace and is designed to increase the heart rate. It combines cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength and toning with core abdominal work.

On Your Own Water Walking

The pool will be open and reserved for water walking on your own! Come join like-minded members for deep and shallow walking, running and low impact exercise!

Water Divas And Dudes

Fun, low impact training method designed to release stress and tension as you unwind after a hard day’s work. You will burn calories, improve core balance strength, tone and stretch muscles, while relaxing the body and mind.

60s, 70s, 80s Stepping Up

Like totally awesome! This training method utilizes a portable platform in the water with height adjustable risers. Participants will do choreographed exercise routines up, onto, down and around the step for great cardio fitness, as well as exceptional training to shape the lower body.

Focal Point

If you want to experience aqua bikes,underwater treadmill or other aqua fitness equipment, please contact us.

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