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There are hundreds of thousands of people in the United States who are passionate about water fitness every year. There are at least 1,500 swimming clubs in Japan, many of which are equipped with special jogging tracks. Among the 6 million people who swim, 30%-50% of them participate in the aqua fitness.













This sport is suitable for a wide range of ages, from 16 to 70 years old. “There are a lot of old ladies in Japan who like to do aqua fitness.” Many actions that can’t be done on land can be done in the water. And the buoyancy of water can reduce the friction of joints during exercise, and it is a way of rehabilitation for people with bad joints.

In fact, swimming is the representative of water fitness. Whether it is winter or summer, swimming is the best aerobic exercise that can improve the body function. In addition to swimming, there are precedents in water fitness, including underwater yoga and underwater bicycles, which use the principle of weightlessness and resistance in water to improve the body function of the bodybuilder. Even in the professional field, underwater relaxation and massage are the favorite of professional athletes. Yao Ming used high-tech underwater recovery therapy during the recovery period of the injury and gradually restored his physical function.

High energy consumption at low water temperature Under low water t

The burden on the knee joint is small. The water is buoyant, so we can float in the water and do some rehabilitation training. For people with knee injuries or very heavy weight, walking, running, and floating underwater can reduce the exercise load of the knee joints, and also exercise the muscles of the knees to play an active role in rehabilitation and protection. .

Aqua fitness can coordinate the whole body muscles Underwater exercise requires better coordination and stability of the whole body. Taking swimming as an example, swimming is a full-body exercise. The hands and feet are used together, and the body torso is coordinated. The muscles used in different swimming postures are also different, and they all have a good shaping effect. Look at the body shape of the swimmers and you will know.

Efficient resistance exercises Like swimming, it can be equivalent to a resistance exercise on land. We have to overcome the resistance of water in the water, which is equivalent to 12 times on land, and the energy to overcome the resistance is naturally more.



Post time: Mar-19-2019
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