Good news for obese people – Aqua Fitness

Aqua Fitness is a new aerobic fitness method. It is understood that aqua fitness is currently very popular abroad, and many gyms have joined the project. The purpose of aerobic training in water is to improve the body’s aerobic function. German sports medicine research shows that people in the water must use at least 6 times more energy than land, and their calories burn quickly. The heat transfer coefficient of water is 26 times that of air. If you lose heat at the same temperature, it is 20 times faster than the heat in the air. This will effectively consume body heat. More importantly, aerobic training in the water is safer and more comfortable, reducing stress on joints, bones and muscles during exercise and slowing down pain. In addition, exercise in water can improve the function of subcutaneous vascular circulation and delay skin aging.













Among the various ways to lose weight, jogging in the water is unique, attracting thousands of obese people into the pool or jumping into the sea to jog.

The buoyancy of water makes it easy for obese people to move in the water. Unlike running on the ground, it is a super muscle exerciser. After all, the resistance in the water is even greater, and the calories burned in 30 minutes are equal to the calories burned in the ground gym for an hour and a half. Tests by exercise physiologists show that if you swim 100 meters in the water and consume 100 kilocalories, it is equivalent to 400 meters on land, 1000 meters on bicycles or 1500 meters on ice. This is why you will feel hungry soon after swimming. You can stay healthy by holding 45 minutes of water sports twice a week.

It can be seen that the same exercise intensity consumes more energy in water than on land. The supply of these energies is supplemented by the consumption of sugar and fat in the body. This method can gradually reduce excess body fat. People’s abdomen and legs can be well exercised by the resistance of water. For people who want to lose weight, jogging in the water can not only remove excess fat from the abdomen, but also make the legs slender. Jogging in the water should be gradual. Jogging in the water for 5 minutes, the heart rate should not exceed 110 to 130 times per minute, alternating between rest and exercise, which will make the body’s body disappear.



Post time: Feb-28-2019
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