Do you want to know more about Aqua Fitness?

As a new type of aerobic exercise, “Aqua Fitness”  is more and more popular with its excellent sports effects. Recognized by the world’s fitness experts as the most effective, fastest and safest body shaping exercise.


Aquatic fitness is also aerobic exercise. At the same time of aerobic fat burning, because the thermal conductivity of water is 23 times better than air, the human body dissipates heat faster, and the human physiological function will mobilize fat burning and heat preservation more quickly. As a result, the speed of water burning in the same time is up to three times that of onshore aerobic exercise.

With the resistance of water, water fitness can promote blood circulation and metabolic regulation, improve cardiovascular endurance and increase breathing capacity, and consume more calories; With the buoyancy of water, it reduces the impact force on the joints of the body, effectively protects the joints and reduces the damage caused by the exercise.

Qingdao Fitmax Health Technology Co., Ltd. brings together all types of aqua fitness equipment: aqua bike, aqua walker, underwater treadmill, aqua elliptical machine and trampoline; let you enjoy a full range of exercises in the pool:


The aqua bike is different from ground spinning bike, the aqua bike relies on the buoyancy of the water to reduce the pressure on the knee joint during cycling. The exercise method is more scientific and the damage to the body is smaller. At the same time, underwater cycling needs to overcome the resistance of water and can consume more calories, which is a very good exercise for women.


Underwater treadmill can protect you from sports injuries and it’s a great choice for cross training. It can be used not only as strength training, but also as a means of injury recovery. Due to the resistance of the water, the legs cannot move as fast as on land. In the water, as long as your stride frequency can reach half of the normal level, you can achieve the same effect of running on land.


The aqua elliptical machine simulates daily walking, climbing stairs and slopes during exercise. In a more natural and comfortable exercise, consume more calories and exercise the abdomen.


The aqua walker is different from other underwater fitness equipment, and its movement range is small, especially suitable for the elderly and rehabilitation personnel in underwater training, which plays a certain role in rehabilitation.


Compared with other water fitness equipment, the aqua trampoline is a more calorie-consuming way of fitness. Large-scale jumping exercise can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids, improve the coordination of the body, so as to achieve the effect of preventing and reducing diseases. The trampoline is not only a good fitness activity, but also an amazing entertainment.

Unlike traditional fitness, it allows you to enjoy the water sports while exercising. It can make you achieve good results in physical training, weight loss, body balance and rehabilitation.

Post time: Dec-15-2018
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