A safe and effective fitness way – Aqua Walker

As more and more people discover the benefits of working out in water, aqua fitness began to be valued by people.

Aqua fitness helps you balance out muscle groups that may have become uneven through repetitive actions. Working out in water provides equal resistance through your full range of motion, a phenomenon known as double concentric muscle action. When straightening the leg, the quads are shortening while expending energy and facilitating the extension at the knee. The lower leg is pushing against the water, lifting the load. Then the hamstrings shorten while expending energy to bring the heel towards the gluteals while the calf area is pushing the water back and up. This results in balanced muscle action around the knee.

The aqua walker is a multifunctional equipment, combining the benefits of rowing, cross-country skiing, stepping and cycling, allows simultaneous training of legs and arms. It is especially indicated for: weight loss, treatment of osteoarthritis, physical therapy, back and hip injuries, cyclist training, aqua fitness, the elderly, rheumatic disease and physical fitness in general.

The aqua walker can be used in various places such as Hotels, Spas, Swimming pools, Health and fitness clubs, Recreation clubs, Medical centers, Home, Schools, Sport teams and so on.

Under the design of its powerful design team, Qingdao Fitmax has launched two kinds of Aqua Walker.

Fitmax Aqua Walker

The aqua walker is manufactured with high quality stainless steel AISI316L featuring anti-rust protection in accordance with international standards. The surface of the products uses electrolytic polishing and anti corrosive coating to guarantee the durability and beauty of the products.

Disassembled and double handrails design guarantee the safety of exercise. Suitable for elders to train and have a treatment in sole motion underneath water.



































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