A new type of underwater fitness – Aqua Elliptical Trainer

With the popularity of underwater fitness, a new type of underwater fitness equipment is becoming more and more popular: aqua elliptical trainer. Today let’s learn more about aqua elliptical trainer:

Elliptical movement is like every day exercise: walking, climbing stairs and slopes, resulting in a very comfortable and natural work out. In fitness and sport centers, elliptical machines are the most popular.

The aqua elliptical trainer allows a cross training, exercising upper and lower body without impacts and with a high calorie consumption; strengthening significantly the abdominal area. It is complete training apparatus that is very easy to use, combining the benefits of rowing, cross-country skiing, stepping and cycling. that allows the users to train and strengthen lower body, and upper body muscles while being immersed in the water.

For injured people, this is a very suitable fitness method. Exercises for aqua elliptical trainer involved to work all the muscles of the body. In fact, it is about 80% of the muscles that are involved in the exercise. The secret lies in an elliptical motion underwater is not putting pressure on the joints, minimizing the potential for injury. The buoyancy of the water decreases stress on the joints, the viscosity provides resistance for strength training, and the hydrostatic pressure helps support the body providing a safe workout environment.

Aqua Elliptical Trainer

The aqua elliptical trainer is manufactured with high quality stainless steel AISI316L featuring anti-rust protection in accordance with international standards. The surface of the products uses electrolytic polishing and anti corrosive coating to guarantee the durability and beauty of the products.

This aquatic fitness device offers the user running at different angles for optimal leg work. Resistance adjustment is obtained without the need to interrupt your workout. Anti-slip handle bar and pedal guarantee the safety of aqua exercise. Unique design makes it light weight and easy to move, meets the different needs of consumers.


















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