Aqua Bike- Honorable

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The body frame of the aqua bike honorable is made of 316L stainless steel and the surface is electrolytically polished. The seat and handle are unique and friendly, and can be adjusted up and down from front to back. Resistance will increase with speed. The end face of the stainless steel tube is welded and hand-polished using a stainless steel plate.

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1. Dimension:1208x581x1120mm
2. Net Weight:17kg
3. Gross Weight:23kg
4. Material:
a) Frame: Stainless steel 316L,Thickness of the steel pipe:2.0mm
b) Saddle: PU
c) Pedal: PE
5. Surface treatments: Electrolytic mirror polish
6. Adjustable seat handle
7. Warranty: 3 years
8. Package: Imported corrugated carton, double layer cardboard. Dimension: 1100x900x220 mm, 108SETS/1x20GP.


The aqua bike is manufactured with high quality stainless steel AISI316L featuring anti-rust protection in accordance with international standards. The surface of the products uses electrolytic polishing and anti corrosive coating to guarantee the durability and beauty of the products. Adjustable seats and handles to meet the needs of different consumers. With 6 pieces stainless arc blades on the wheel provide non-stop resistance and strengthen training intensity while cycling. The bike is easy to use, easy to handle and easy to store. It is a very stable and efficient equipment to enjoy aqua spinning workout in your pool.


The aqua bike can be used in various places such as Hotels, Spas, Swimming pools, Health and fitness clubs, Recreation clubs, Medical centers, Home, Schools, Sport teams and so on.

About Aqua Fitness:

aquabike2 微信图片_201810101600473Aqua fitness is a new type of aerobic exercise, it brings together all fitness classes in the water. Aqua fitness can strengthen physiological functions, promote blood circulation and metabolic regulation, meanwhile reduce the damage caused by exercise. Aqua fitness is performed with various accessories (bike, treadmill, elliptical trainer, etc.); it is a fun sport.


The aqua bike is a very stable and efficient equipment to enjoy aqua spinning workout in your pool. With the resistance of water, it can improves cardiovascular endurance and increase breathing capacity, while refine your legs, sculpt your buttocks and abdominal muscles. Water pressure compensates blood pressure, effectively preventing the appearance of varicose veins and helping to eliminate cellulite.
It is especially indicated for: weight loss, treatment of osteoarthritis, physical therapy, back and hip injuries, cyclist training, aqua fitness, the elderly, rheumatic disease and physical fitness in general.


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