6221 Gluteus Maximus Trainer

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Gluteus Maximus trainer is also called glute machine which is very popular gym equipment for fitness facility or gym club, Standing glute kickbacks target the glutes, as well as the hamstrings muscle group.

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1) 7×19 strand construction, lubricated, nylon-coated cable, 12mm diameter nylon pulley with GCR15 high-carbon chromium bearing.

2) Fashionable, strong Half front(4mm) and rear shrouds(7mm), rubber pad used between each pc of weight stacks.

3) Two powder coat finish to ensure maximum adhesion and durability; Standard rubber feet protect base of the frame and prevent the machine from slipping 11-gauge steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity.

4) 9.5mm diameter weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and is connected to stack to prevent loss; Stainless steel solid steel guide rods for smooth motion.

5) Foot plate utilize an aluminum material for durability; Non slip empathic design.

6) Zinc coated high strength screws meets china grade 8.8-10.8, US grade 5+ professional requests for gym equipment.

7) Contoured cushions utilize a molded foam for superior comfort and durability with high grade PU leather.

8) Rubber Pad are used between tubes makes the connection sealed and free of scratches.

 About Product:

  1. Dimension: 1315x800x1857mm
  2. Measurement: 0.70cbm
  3. Loading Weight: 100kgs

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